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23 апреля 2019

Логотип (эмблема, знак) журнала Car Mechanics

Логотип (эмблема, знак) журнала Car Mechanics

Car Mechanics
Великобритания (Петерборо)
Официальный сайт автоиздания:
Издатель и(или) учредитель:
Kelsey Publishing Group
Kelsey Publishing Group, PO Box 978, Peterborough, PE1 9FL
Электронная почта:
Фотографии обложки журнала Car Mechanics:
  • Фото журнала Car Mechanics
    Car Mechanics
  • Фото журнала Car Mechanics
    Car Mechanics
Описание журнала Car Mechanics:

Car Mechanics has been saving the motorist money every month for over 50 years. Packed with essential advice on maintaining and repairing popular makes and models, it's an invaluable motoring resource that can appeal to the DIY car enthusiast at home and the more experienced motoring trade alike. Every month, there are buying guides, step-by-step service articles, tips from the trade, insider information about what goes wrong with cars, a dedicated technical advice section plus detailed features regarding modern cars' electronics and engine management systems. We also run project cars which provide a valuable insight into real world motoring.

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