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25 апреля 2019

Логотип (эмблема, знак) шин марки Remington «Ремингтон»

Логотип (эмблема, знак) шин марки Remington «Ремингтон»

Марка шин:
Remington «Ремингтон»
Производитель / Владелец марки:
Remington Tires
Описание шин марки Remington «Ремингтон»:

Founded in 1924 Remington Tires have grown substantially since then. Although considered a small manufacturing firm, Remington Tires offers a wide variety of tire stiles, from luxury touring tires to medium truck radials. Remington Tires attempts and succeeds at creating tires for the modern car enthusiast, such as those for sport trucks and for tuner cars with many aspect ratios.

Most tires come with excellent warranties, such as the XT-120 tire. The tire has a 45 thousand mile warranty and is considered one of the best Remington Tires available. Remington Tire’s Emerald LX is a luxury tire that when rated, can have an 80,000 mile tread ware warranty, one of the largest I have personally seen. They’re purportedly computer designed and have a highly tested performance rating.

Remington Tires also provides many mud and snow tire models, capable of keeping traction in the worst of conditions. Remington SUV tires are highly rated and come with 50,000 mile + tread ware warranties, and are guaranteed to last, many with a free replacement policy. So far one of their popular tires are the “Brute” series, being able to outlast and to excel in tough conditions. They are mostly built for adverse driving conditions, to downright insane conditions. They also come with warranties that are quite amazing and show the companies trust and confidence in their products.

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