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22 марта 2018
Логотип (эмблема, знак) журнала Classic Car Buyer

Логотип (эмблема, знак) журнала Classic Car Buyer
Classic Car Buyer
Великобритания (Петерборо)
Официальный сайт автоиздания:
Издатель и(или) учредитель:
Kelsey Publishing Group
Kelsey Publishing Group, PO Box 978, Peterborough, PE1 9FL
Электронная почта:
Фотографии обложки журнала Classic Car Buyer:
Фото журнала Classic Car Buyer
Classic Car Buyer
Фото журнала Classic Car Buyer
Classic Car Buyer
Описание журнала Classic Car Buyer:

Classic Car Buyer is Britain’s leading weekly publication for classic car enthusiasts. Out every Thursday, it’s packed with the latest news, auction reports and events - anything related to the classic car scene, you can read about here first. In addition, you’ll also find in-depth features on both buying and owning a classic, with loads of practical hints and tips. The mag is also packed with over 2000 cars and parts for sale in its Free Ads section, making it THE place to buy or sell your classic. Classic Car Buyer provides the best insight into bread and butter classics – every week!

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