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20 апреля 2019

Логотип (эмблема, знак) аккумуляторов марки AllRounder «ОллРаундер»

Логотип (эмблема, знак) аккумуляторов марки AllRounder «ОллРаундер»

Марка аккумуляторов:
AllRounder «ОллРаундер»
Производитель / Владелец марки:
SuperCharge Batteries Pty. Ltd.
Официальный сайт производителя марки:
Год основания AllRounder «ОллРаундер»:
AllRounder «ОллРаундер» принадлежит:
Ramcar Group
1300 228 837
Описание производителя марки AllRounder «ОллРаундер»:

For 25 years, SuperCharge Batteries Pty. Ltd. has been one of the major players in the Australian battery market. Since its inception in 1984, SuperCharge Batteries has been distributing passenger, marine, industrial and motorcycle batteries of superior quality and value throughout Australia Region and is now the leading distributor of Expanded Calcium Grid Maintenance-Free Batteries in the Oceania.

SuperCharge Batteries belongs to the Ramcar Group of Companies, one of the largest, most fully-integrated battery manufacturers in Asia, nestled in a modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces 600,000 expanded metal calcium-calcium batteries per month. Together with its own lead recycling plant, its tool, die and mould fabrication facility, and its plastic injection and acid plant, the Ramcar Group gives SuperCharge the manufacturing backup it needs. Ramcar prides itself with quality products and systems as evidenced by its ISO 9001 and TUV certifications. Ramcar continues to improve its product offering and is expanding its coverage in and beyond Australia. It is fast becoming the leading distributor of Fully Sealed Expanded Calcium-Calcium Batteries in the Oceania and South East Asia Region.

Дополнительная информация:
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Amp-Tech • Аккумуляторы
AllRounder «ОллРаундер» также пишут или произносят как:

All-Rounder, AllRaunder, AlRounder / ОлРаундер, АллРоундер, АлРоундер

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